Custom-Designed Tables

We design custom-made coffee and end tables that are original, beautiful and functional. Each table is signed and in a limited edition. The artwork can be interchangeable.  The art can be lit from below. 

Our custom-designed tables are built out of the finest Cherry wood and have a reddish-brown patina. All tables are available with your choice of an original, custom-designed, signed piece of artwork on top. The art can be interchangeable.

The beautiful tabletop designs are embedded into a 1/2" acrylic polymer material that is eco-friendly, low maintenance, and hygienically safe. The artwork design is extremely hard to scratch or fog and has the clarity and virtual hardness of glass. 

The hard coated acrylic is intended for use on table surfaces or in high traffic areas where additional abrasion resistance and chemical resistance are desirable. The artwork is unique in that it offers surface hardness unequaled by most acrylic products in the marketplace. It's superior chemical resistance makes it ideal in home or commercial environments.

The tabletop art is approximately 98% as hard as glass. If the surface is scratched it can be polished. It looks rich because of it's thickness. It can be easily cleaned with a product like Windex, or an eco friendly glass cleaner and good quality paper towel without the fear of causing surface scratches.

Table sizes are - end tables are  18" high by 24x24" or  25.5" high by 24x24" as well as a coffee table size  that is 33" long by 20 and 1/4 "wide by 17" high.  

Please contact studio for further information. A number of Graphic Designs are available.