JoAnne Kalish employs the production values of fine Madison Avenue photography to express a vision that comes straight from her own heart. Sensuality is the topic that has engaged her for some time. I find it a never-ending theme to be explored, she says. Kalish works with models, mostly, placing them in a state of creative relaxation that permits her to take meticulously composed photographs smacking of spontaneity. A man unzipping his jeans, a woman's buttocks in soft-focus pastel posed beside a pear. Kalish's illustrations of sensuality are like single stanzas in an epic poem. I am now working on creating more of a voice in my photography as a woman, says Kalish. I trust my passion for my work. Kalish's artistic touch was recognized by New York Times critic Helen Harrison during her last gallery show at the Artist's Forum. Her luscious studies of fruit are particularly effective, especially in their lighting, which emphasizes the sensuous qualities of color and form, wrote Harrison. Having sold pictures to most major international publications (her pictures are published in 20 to 30 countries during any given month), Kalish turned her attention to advertising work and personal projects, including the current sensuality series. Her areas of visual interest include still life, portraiture, travel, lifestyle, & fitness. In the advertising realm, she had picked up numerous art director awards, receiving international acclaim for her Claritin and Sports Authority ad campaigns. As a teacher, Kalish traveled with actor Peter Strauss into the jungles of Panama to film an episode of ESPN's Canon Photo Safari. She has led American Photo/Popular Photography Magazine's Mentor Series Workshops and was invited to create a seminar on Sensuality and Beauty at the Palm Beach Workshop. She is an ssociate producer on a recent Discovery Channel special for Shark Week 2005 titled The Last Shark Hunter. I love what I do. My photographic background is quite diversified. I can bring a trained visual eye, more specifically a woman’s eye and my own special interpretation to your project. I really enjoy working with people. I like incorporating an idea whether it’s my own, or someone else’s and take it to another level. I’m often described as laid back and understated (which I am) but with a camera in my hand, I become a different person. My vision and training take over. New jobs bring new situations and challenges, and that’s what it’s all about. I thrive on it. JoAnne Kalish Our Prints are available in a variety of sizes for personal collections, or decorative purposes. Any of the Photographs you see can be custom-made, will be individually signed, and are limited edition archival prints. They can also be framed to order. Please contact the studio for further pricing information of individual photographs